Visiting Italy With Your Friends & Family?… Here Are Some Group Accommodation Ideas to Make It More Exciting!

Friends & Family

Going out on vacation with your loved ones is possibly one of the most joyful experiences one may have. And what could be better than a vacation in a place as beautiful and serene as Italy? It will surely turn out to be an experience which would give you beautiful memories to remember forever.

With the already planned destinations to visit and things to explore, why not add something interesting to accommodation to make the trip even more exciting and adventurous. Below are some excellent group accommodation ideas/locations that you might want to add to your vacation in Italy.

The Former Monastery

Friends & Family

This monastery is located in the heart of historic Etruscan Tuscany, a 10 minutes distance from the town named Volterra. The atmosphere of this monastery is like the countryside of Italy, vineyards and the apartments there for you to stay with your loved ones will indeed be one of the most peaceful experiences in your life. This place with its vast terraces is also perfect for functions like birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Some apartments do have private pools to add to the comfort and charm of your trip.

Farmhouse, Barns & Cottages

Marked by the traditional Italian culture and its beauty is a villa named Pomegranate located just 15 minutes from the Adriatic coast. This fantastic place along with the beautiful properties to live in and a market & restaurants nearby could be your accommodation while you stay in Italy.

Friends & Family

A large Italian castle

This place is also situated near the Adriatic coast in a village named Monteprandone. This housing place is constructed to give you a glimpse into the Italian lifestyle and what can be better than that when you visit Italy. Not only this, the beautiful architectural designs along with the pizzerias and other restaurants and bars located in this village would give you a perfect experience during your stay. Available space for organizing functions inside this castle makes it a preferred choice by many people.

A converted church and farmhouse

Friends & Family

It is a small accommodation place with a limit of up to around 15 people. But if that number fits in well, this place is yet another best accommodation idea for you.

This Umbrian farmhouse and a converted church are situated in an area surrounded by nestlings and greenery in the hills outside Perugia.

The dining place in an open swimming pool and a grand piano placed in the center of the area, which was a church earlier, adds to the cultural glimpse and its history. Staying here would surely make your stay a memorable one.

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