Looking for cheap holiday accommodation in Italy?… Here are some tips for you to consider!


Everyone wants a vacation at least once a year. It becomes necessary to take an off after dealing with the packed schedules for most days to earn a living and do well in life. Many people like to catch up with their loved ones and spend valuable time during the break. And going out on vacation is a preferred option to make it more exciting.

Having decided that you want to go out on vacation, choice of destination is the next step. You can choose any destination of your choice. To state one of the best, Italy has been one of the preferred options for a holiday. However, many people who choose this destination usually reject this option because of the high prices of accommodation in Italy.

But there is a way out of it if you know the right tricks. There are cheap accommodations available in Italy. It’s just that you need to know how to look for it. Following are some tips & tricks which would help you get the right yet cheap accommodation for yourself in Italy:


Do not stay in hotels


One of the best ways to save money to be spent on accommodation is to avoid staying in hotels. Hotels in Italy charge high prices on housing because it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. However, you can choose other relatively cheaper options, and rural tourism is a preferred option. It would provide you with a safe and comfortable stay with almost all the facilities at a lower price.

Avoid staying in big cities

Italy being a tourist destination, big cities are likely to have higher charges of stay than the accommodations located in the countryside. It is suggested to go ahead with housing options in a nearby small town or countryside instead of staying in the famous locations of big cities. That would save money as well as would familiarize you with the beautiful countryside of Italy.


Stay at a monastery or rent an apartment

Monasteries charge a considerably less amount than the other available accommodation options. Though it would not provide you with any luxuries, you will surely get a clean room, peaceful environment and good hospitality. You can find monasteries in the historic centres of the cities. However, if you are a big group of people who enjoy parties and have more luxuries than what the monastery offers, renting a house or an apartment could be a better option.

Stay in hostels

Staying in hostels is one of the cheapest options when it comes to having accommodation in Italy. It also allows you to make new friends. It is the reason why it is a much-preferred option for young tourists.
If you love staying outdoors and looking for a cheap accommodation option, then camping can be your choice. It won’t offer you many luxuries, but it will fulfil your basic needs.